Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Master the Russian Militia Armored Vehicles Ukraine

Six armored vehicles Ukrainian militia controlled by Russian supporters in eastern Ukraine , such as the Ministry of Defence stated in Kiev . Some reports say the passenger in the vehicle was stripped after locals blocked the vehicle in the city Kramatorsk .

This event occurred one day after the start of military operations to remove the protesters Russian supporters of the government building in eastern Ukraine .

Meanwhile NATO improve operations in neighboring countries bordering Russia .

After Ukrainian troops regained control of an airfield outside Kramatorsk on Tuesday ( 15 / 04 ) armored vehicles seen in the center of town Wednesday morning .

BBC witnessed civilians - at least some of them look like locals movement - challenged soldiers also stopped the crowd at the location a few kilometers outside the city .

An officer said he was not " come to fight " and would never obey orders to shoot " his own people " . " The convoy stopped in a crowd of locals Kramatorsk , among them there is a group of Russian terrorists , " the defense ministry said .
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Added military vehicles are brought to Sloviansk and then maintained ' armed groups that do not have relevance to the Ukrainian armed forces . '


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

German TV covered, BKSDA Failed Ex-Army-owned Sita cassowary

Team Natural Resources Conservation Center ( BKSDA ) failed to seize North Sulawesi cassowary bird belonged to a former member of the Marine initials HP , in the Village of Sukur , Environment 5 Subdistrict Airmadidi , North Minahasa , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

Yet a German TV station from croup lowered at least four of these animals covering the foreclosure . Efforts were also accompanied by confiscation Animal Rescue Center ( PPS ) Tasikoki .

One staff Tasikoki , Deity explained that the confiscation efforts have been done several times before . " This is the third time , the owner always keeps argued , " said Deity .

In the earlier foreclosure , the owner of the protected birds are not in place . In fact , when officers of BKSDA come , the wife of HP greet him . But knowing that the officer will confiscate his cassowary , the women said goodbye to the house and never come out again .

BKSDA officers and German TV crew and staff of Tasikoki who waited for hours to clean the cage finally chose the cassowary . Birds that are rare it is then fed as well .

" They want to maintain these animals but do not want to take care of his cage . Extremely dirty cage , the animal looks sick . Dirty cages can be dangerous because it could be parasites and fungi that infect humans exist around them , " said environmental activist , Willie, who also participated in the the foreclosure efforts .

Because not dare to foreclose if there is no owner , then consult the police team . They then agreed to lower the investigator of BKSDA the day tomorrow so that police could force HP handing the cassowary .
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Cassowary is a gigantic bird and unable to fly . Cassowary is a species endemic to Papua and animals protected by law . It is not known exactly how HP bring birds of Papua .


Retirement So the minister, Dahlan Iskan's Dream

Minister of State Owned Enterprises ( SOEs ) Dahlan Iskan claimed to be ready if it does not become part of the new government . Dahlan did not want to bother and promised not to beg for the post .
Former Director of PT PLN ( Persero ) it turns out to have had a plan if it will no longer be a minister . " I do not so if the Minister again , I do not want to help the area and approximately terlistriki difficult energized state and PLN , " Dahlan said in his office , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

He explained that the mission of jetting power to remote areas is not to build the plant with fuel oil ( BBM ) as is still done by PLN .
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Later Dahlan will further develop power plants that are environmentally friendly . " With biomass and wind power , renewable energy that anyway, " he said .

In more detail , Dahlan explained not thought about whether the future will be to form a company or individual investors in the development of the electricity .

To be sure , what it does is just social and humanitarian missions that do not prioritize looking for business advantages .

" It is not for business , I will not make money , " he explained .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sony Vaio Hybrid Laptop Usage Request Terminated

Sony announced that the hybrid Vaio laptop users Fit 11A immediately stop using these devices . For a Japanese technology company said there is a risk on a laptop battery made ​​by Panasonic that could overheat and potentially catch fire .

Sony noted , at least the Vaio laptop users today almost reached 26 thousand in the whole world .

Launched the Wall Street Journal , Friday, April 11, 2014 , Sony has received three reports of the tablet battery fast heat , which in turn caused the fire .
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The incident occurred early March 19 in Japan . Shortly later , on March 30 the same occurred in the case of Hong Kong and then followed incidents battery heat problems in China on April 8 .

Sony is reported to have stopped selling the laptop starting this month . The laptop is the last version of the Vaio brand .

As a follow up , Sony identified the problem affected computer through the serial number . The company will also develop programs to repair or replace the computing device . Sony will provide details related to it on their homepage within two weeks .

So far , Sony claimed to have sold a total of 25 905 11A Fit Vaio units since it was first sold in February . Of that amount , nearly 7 thousand sold in Asia Pacific , excluding China and Japan , approximately 3600 were sold in Japan , 2000 units in China , 7 thousand units in Europe , 5600 in Latin America and 500 in the U.S. .

Panasonic argued

While Panasonic spokesman confirms the company has hired a battery Sony is outsourcing contract , but keep partners involved Panasonic . Panasonic argued it did not meet all the battery related problems presented by clients.

In 2010 , Sony recorded once pulled back about 535 thousand Vaio laptops worldwide due to temperature control problems damage , which affects the excessive heat .

It was reported in February of this year , Sony has announced plans to sell the PC business as part of a strategy that companies face two divisions in trouble , that is television and PC divisions . Perusaaan said it will separate the TV division into a separate company .

When delivering the ruling, company chief executive ( CEO ) of Sony , Kazuo Hirai admitted as a painful decision .


Amazon Reportedly Working on Smartphone 3D Sailing

Despite many rumors circulating about the Amazon smartphone will appear in 2013, but it looks like Amazon's first smartphone to be introduced this year.

Amazon Reportedly Working on Smartphone 3D Sailing

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Amazon is planning to announce a smartphone besutannya in late June. However, although it will be introduced next June, the device will not be on the market soon. They say that the new smartphones sold in late September.
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WSJ reports that Amazon has shown a 'version' of the smartphone for developers in Seattle and San Francisco over the past few weeks. It is said that the smartphone will feature four front-facing camera sensor with retinal tracking technology, which will help display 3D content to the naked eye.

If any serious Amazon issued smartphones, could interfere with major players such as Samsung and Apple. So we wait. (*)


KPAI: UN General Technical Preparation no problem

Minister of Education and Culture (Education ) , Muhammad Nuh , and the Chairman of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission ( KPAI ) , Asrorun Niam Sholeh , monitor the preparation of the National Examination ( UN ) Public High School ( SMAN ) 70 and SMAN 35 , Jakarta , on Sunday ( 13/4 ) .

Monitoring is intended to ensure the implementation of UN child rights in 2014. " In general , the technical preparations went well and no problems . KPAI ensure all high school grade 12 participating UN . Explanation I 've got the head of rayon , no recorded child will do UN outside of school , "said Asrorun Niam Sholeh , on Sunday afternoon ( 13/4 ) .

For example , said Asrorun , no 12 grader in Central Jakarta and South Jakarta district who could not join UN because it is located in a hospital or dealing with the law .

Not found anyway , said Asrorun , there are children who do not join the UN for not being able to pay and others . The verbal explanation is obtained from the organizers of the UN in two SMA . However , KPAI sure will continue to monitor it .

KPAI , said Asrorun , will continue to supervise when the day tomorrow until the end of the implementation of the UN . KPAI has also opened a post complaints by the public .

" KPAI intends to make sure every student of class XII underserved right to follow the UN , including children, who now are out of school , for example, was sick in the hospital , " said Asrorun .
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So , obviously Asrorun , do not let the children hindered his right to follow the UN , such as has not been paid and other matters .


Monday, April 7, 2014

MH370 Indonesian Pass? It said Malaysia

Aircraft carrier Malaysia Airlines MH370 were declared missing since March 8, 2014 is touted to turn and cross the airspace of Indonesia. Based on radar detection , MH370 crossed airspace around Pulau Weh , Aceh .

In response, Acting ( Acting ) Minister of Transport that Malaysian Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein confirms the news is not true .

" That's not true , " said Hishamuddin , briefly , as quoted from The Malay Mail , Tuesday ( 08/04/2014 ) . " They ( Indonesia ) have confirmed that no trace of the aircraft. "

Disclaimer Hishammuddin was asked to answer a reporter's question during a press conference in Malaysia . It was reported that the Minister of Malaysia was only a short answer , without giving an explanation about the alleged MH370 enter Indonesian airspace .

Previously , the U.S. media CNN Malaysian officials citing sources , reported that the route flying MH370 from Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia to Beijing , China the reverse direction across Malaysia .

Then turn to the west across the Strait of Malacca and Indonesian airspace , near Pulau Weh , Aceh . Then turn south into the Indian Ocean until near Perth , Australia .
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Malaysian officials said the source , the deflection of the path taken to eliminate traces of the plane 's radar . Anyone who flew the aircraft was likely trying to trick radar detection Indonesia .

Head of Information Department of the Air Force Marsma Hadi Tjahjanto previously stated , they do not capture the presence of radar plane crashed MH370 stated in the southern Indian Ocean . " Radar RI did not catch , " he said , briefly , in a text message received .
Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 239 people , disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing . The aircraft is believed to have an accident in the southern Indian Ocean , although the objects related to the plane has yet to be found .

Currently the search is performed in an area of 2,000 km from Perth , Australia . Search intensified because the active period immediately discharged battery black box and found the signal " ping " around the area .

source: http://news. liputan6 .com/